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Pill Proof LLC introduces the first, easy to use medicine acquiescence kit for regulars and health check professionals. Owner, Jane Langdon, has a sister in law with Parkinson's Disease. While visiting her sister in law's doctor, he noted that the leading challenge with her advance was appropriately attractive her many medications. Jane asked if there was a arrangement obtainable to help her. The medical doctor replied," No, I wish there was". Jane asked if she made one, would he be concerned in it. "Make it and I will use it", he said. After two prototypes, the medical doctor official it. That was the establishment of her new commerce at www. sew-beautiful. us/pillproof

The kit consists of a large transparent 36 booth hinged pill case, stickers for the time of day, two 8' x 10" erasable comprehensive drug charts and a pager size alarm with 31 alarm or vibrator settings per day. All the foodstuffs are reasonable and amount discounts are available.

Jane has two other lucrative internet businesses. Jane says her credentials from a medicinal children was advantageous in budding and promoting the Pill Proof kit. The facts of non acquiescence are startling. She added that 9 out of every 10 outpatients are captivating prescribed medicines improperly, contributing to prolonged or further illness, More than 125,000 Americans die each year due to prescription prescription non compliance, twice the come to killed in car accidents,1,000,000 Americans are hospitalized each year due to prescription errors, more than 1. 3 million of US sanatorium admissions each year and 125,000 premature deaths are due to complications from associates not next medications properly, and troubles connected to medications were the fourth foremost cause of death - after heart disease, blight and stroke.

Pill Proof LLC
Jane Langdon, President
Suite 1010
5670 Pennwall Street
Madison, WI 53711-5421

1-877-355-7673 Toll Free
Email: pillproof@myway. com
Website: www. sew-beautiful. us/pillproof


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