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Lipitor is a drug deliberate to help lower cholesterol. The generic name for this brand-name pills is atorvastatin.

What are the side possessions of Lipitor (atorvastatin) cholesterol medication?

Lipitor has been an effectual action for many associates athwart the fatherland who be diagnosed with from high cholesterol. It lowers your cholesterol and, therefore, lowers your risk of heart attack, heart disease, hardening of the arteries and stroke.

Like all prescription medications, Lipitor may cause some side property at some point in your treatment. There have been rare cases of muscle and liver troubles increasing with the conduct of Lipitor and other medicines which are similar. While you're captivating Lipitor, you must get in touch with your medical doctor at once if you announcement any curious and unexplainable muscle pain, weakness, or tenderness. This is exceptionally analytical if you come into contact with the above symptoms along with a fever, symptoms of the flu, gastrointestinal pains (stomach/abdominal pains), unexplained fatigue, pale stools (feces) or dark urine. These might be early signs of liver or muscle difficulties.

If you are experiencing any critical side effects, you must discontinue behavior with Lipitor and display a visit to the crisis room. If this disaster trip is not an option, then call your doctor of medicine immediately.

What are the most considerable side belongings of Lipitor?

Serious side personal property of Lipitor include; allergic reactions (closing of the throat, blown up lips, attention breathing, boil of the face or tongue; and hives breakouts), decreased or rust-colored urine, or unusually blurred vision.

What are the most customary side possessions I could experience?

Other Lipitor side possessions which are less critical are not such a pain, but there is a change for the better ability you will have to deal with them. These side personal property add in headache, additional gas (flatulence), sickness or upset stomach, or a rash. If you announcement any of these symptoms, you don't have to stop compelling Lipitor, but you must get in touch with your physician as soon as possible.

Because knowledge is not perfect, there may be other side possessions above and beyond those scheduled here. If you come into contact with any other side appearance that is unusual, unexplainable or in particular annoying, make sure to display talk with your doctor.

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