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If you have been diagnosed with cross bowel syndrome (IBS), you will know how challenging it is to treat. Doctors can be indifferent of IBS symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation and bloating, and when care is existing it may only help for a short while ahead of the distressing symptoms return.

Sufferers often find that they have to deal with the symptoms themselves, all the way through self-help methods and supplements, fairly than by using conformist medicines. However, this does not mean that there is no hope of improvement. By division their experiences, sufferers can learn a lot about what actually helps to ease IBS.

All the self-help tips in this clause have come from IBS sufferers who have found a way to be in command of their cantankerous bowels. Already difficult any form of self-help, entertain make sure that you have your doctor's approval, and do check that no matter which you try will not interfere with any medicine you are taking.

Calcium tablets

Linda, who suffers from awful diarrhea, says: "What has helped me for more than two years is calcium carbonate, an over-the-counter supplement. I take three medication a day, one at each meal. The most accomplishment has come from using any formula of calcium supplement that is like Caltrate 600 Plus with vitamin D and minerals. The only side bring about is at the establishment of captivating the calcium you may have some gas or indigestion, but this commonly goes away after charming a common dose for a few days. "

If you bear from constipation moderately than diarrhea, you could try magnesium supplements instead, as these can have a delicate laxative effect.

Digestive enzymes and probiotics

Kim, who also suffers from bad diarrhea, says: "I tried charming digestive enzymes with acidophilus and found important relief in three days. I am not anxious to eat now, but find that I still cannot eat very much refined sugar or high fibre vegetables. I have also added a cup or two per day of peppermint and chamomile tea. When I do have an episode it occurs late in the day and by the next crack of dawn I am atmosphere back to normal. "

Looking at your diet

Laura describes how a close examination of her diet helped her IBS: "I was positioned on every kind of medication, and at times they worked in the short term, every so often they didn't work at all. The physician after all optional demanding to alter my diet in cycles, and we naked that drinking meat was my problem. I became a vegetarian and no longer have continual problems. At times I even go years exclusive of any pain at all. It's worth all the attempt you put into it when you after all feel better. "

Mina also found that nutritional alter helped be in command of her symptoms, alongside conventional medication: "I've made a amount of changes to my diet. I've eliminated milk and by and large any dairy, fried foods, sugar for the most part, pop, alcohol, potato chips, spicy food, rice, pasta and bread. Most in recent times I'm eliminating flour. But my best ally for the last fasten of years has been Imodium Quick Break up tablets. I don't ever leave home lacking them. I just have to make sure I don't carry too far it. If I ever develop into immune to the amazement drug I am gonna be a real mess!"


Watching your diet is at times not a sufficient amount to entirely check the symptoms, and biological or herbal supplements can help, as Marion discovered: "After about six months of a horrendously restrictive diet (ultra low-fat vegan with no raw veggies or fruit bar banana) and a lot of Metamucil, I managed to get it sort of under control. But if I deviated from the diet, the constant diarrhea would come back. A big shot I met told me that she had helped her IBS by compelling a tablespoon of just this minute broken up flaxseed with a glass of water or juice every morning.

I attention it was a new half-baked cure, but in the long run I certain to try it. She had told me that pre-ground flaxseed didn't work as flax seed starts to rust as soon as you grind it and that whole flax seeds are no good either, as they cannot be digested properly. After years of IBS, in about two weeks it just went away. I cannot deem that I now have entirely normal, accepted bowel movements. "

Fiber, water and yoga

Pam, who struggles with constipation, has urbanized a code of effects which work for her: "I drink Metamucil (psyllium fibre) every day and try to relax, pray or meditate, even do a hardly yoga. The more I make for my part relax and take time to de-stress the advance I can cope my problem. I know time for physically is very hard to come by every so often but I have to if I'm going to cope this. I try to drink at least three bottles of water a day. This is also hard every so often but I have to take care of me the best I can. I also take a mild anti-depressant. This has helped a bunch in my stress administrative area and in turn has helped my IBS. "

Stress and IBS

Daniel believes that his symptoms are connected to his emotions and stress: "I accepted wisdom that when I was stuck on the toilet, experiencing the most critical cramps, accepted wisdom I was about to pass out from the pain, affection like I was about to throw up, I was the only one. I'm still annoying to work it out but I accept as true it has a lot to do with my psychological state. I say this for the reason that even if I don't get too stressed out at any one moment, I do have broad reservations about money and life. I tend to find when I'm not distressing about these belongings I don't get the pain as much, if at all.

It's easier said than done of course, I can't just stop disquieting about money or my future, but being aware of these equipment seems to help - being optimistic and deliberate that the lot is only temporary. I have been captivating Colpermin (peppermint capsules) as a anticipatory which often helps and for a while I took painkillers which I think helped. "

Soluble versus impossible to solve fiber

Some nutritionists consider that IBS sufferers' entrails react in your own way to soluble and impenetrable fiber, and this has been Stu's experience: "After difficult all kinds of drugs and beneficial eating, my pains were still there. I found by collision that it wasn't so much what I ate but whether I ate it on a full stomach or not. My failsafe is pasta on an empty stomach, I get no answer - it is soluble fibre that settles the colon apparently. I cursorily searched on the internet for recipes high in soluble fibre and I have improved.

Most drastically despite the fact that I am on no medicine and this puts me in charge of the IBS, not the other way around. I think this is central as stress absolutely can trigger the symptoms off. I don't avoid impenetrable fibre as it is critical for the body, but I commend that you eat it on a full stomach. "

Sophie Lee has suffered from IBS for more than 15 years. She runs the IBS Tales website at http://www. ibstales. com where you can read hundreds of delicate experiences of IBS and self-help tips.


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